This day in Disney History…

On this date in 2001, the Sorcerer’s Hat in MGM (now Hollywood Studios) debuted. The iconic symbol stood until January 2015. We still miss the hat and wish Disney would find someplace to showcase it. Are you for or against the hat? #sorcerershat #sorcerermickey #disneymgm #disneyhollywoodstudios #hollywoodstudios #missingthehat #forgottendisney #wdwpov


What’s the Deal with those Cast Members with Blue Name Tags?

The Disney name tag – White with blue lettering. We all know the Cast member name tag design. It lists their name and either the town they came from or the college they are attending (if they are in the Disney College Program). But sometimes you come across a different tag. The “different tags” are […]