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There is no ride that says you are at the Magic Kingdom like the Disney Ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant. If you visited Magic Kingdom as a child, you will remember standing in the hot sun waiting for what seemed like forever to board one of those giant wondrous cars shaped like Dumbo that would enable you to soar over the Magic Kingdom. 

In fact, those elephants made you feel magical. Right at your fingertips was the ability to reach the height to see throughout the rest of the park, and for those few moments you were flying on the back of an elephant were simply enchanting.

I would not sit in a Dumbo car until my 19th year. We were on our honeymoon, and Dumbo was as captivating as I had imagined. I instantly became a 5-year-old as a felt the air blow through my hair. Dumbo always has been one of my favorite rides, and my only complaint is that it is too short. 


Dumbo was originally a short book written by Helen Aberson Mayer and published in 1939 by a company called Roll-A-Book. If you find one of these copies, hang onto it because they are quite rare.

Walt Disney produced Dumbo, the animated movie in 1941. 


Dumbo was one of the original attractions in Fantasyland on opening day at Walt Disney World Resort. Through the years, it underwent some transformations. Originally there was not a canopy, riders would stand in the hot sun. Through the years, Disney added to the exterior of the ride to help keep waiting riders happy. The original ride, which was located between what is now the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train Ride and Pinocchio Village Haus, closed in January 2012.

However, a new and improved Dumbo ride soft opened in March 2012 in the Storybook Circus area (formerly Toontown). In July 2012, a second Dumbo ride opened right next to it. 


When entering the queue with a Disability Access Pass, you will enter the Fast Pass lane. This lane will bypass the activities in the Big Top. However, the activities may be something your child wants to participate in. See video below to get a taste of what is inside the Dumbo Big Top.

This ride is a carousel-style ride that has a series of cars that turn around a central point. Riders sit in elephant-shaped cars and the ride spins. There is a lever that enables the rider to control going up and down. You do not have to go up in the air, but towards the end of the ride, all the elephants are automatically brought up into the air and then go down to the ground. 

There is one big lap belt that extends across the entire seat. This ride can accommodate two-three riders, and your child can be positioned toward the inside of the ride as there is no “door” on the ride. This is not a thrill ride, but if your child has trouble with going around in circles, they may experience some problems. 

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