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Help Jack-Jack get to Disney

Raising Funds for Disney with our Amazon Affiliate Links

Jack-Jack is now 16 years old. He has been going to Walt Disney World Resort since he was under a year old. Sometimes we have gone once a year, sometimes it has been 2 years in between visits, and other years we have gone multiple times. It has currently been 2 years and 1 month since our last trip. And Jack-Jack wants to go to Disney. We have decided to use our Amazon Affiliate link to raise funds for Disney.


Help Jack-Jack get to Disney

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Jack-Jack and the Disney connection

Jack-Jack has such a strong connection to Disney. Each and every trip is life-changing for him. He learns and grows and develops new skills. We have said that Walt Disney World is therapy for him.

Before he could talk, he would take his older brother by the hand and try to walk through the woods. We didn’t fully understand where he wanted to go.

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Eventually, he started to say, “Bridge Dragon.” We still didn’t get it. One day, while we were standing near Cinderella Castle, we saw “the dragon.” It is a topiary dragon and you cross a bridge to see it.

Additionally, we figured out that Jack-Jack had been trying to walk south toward Disney, so it all made sense.

When Jack-Jack started talking he asked to go to Disney 40-50 times an hour. He would wake up and say, “Go to Disney.” And I would tell him that we would go soon. Then I created a calendar, and would put our next trip in the calendar. He would count down the days. He learned the words for the months, days, and years.

Jack-Jack had special names for each of the icons of the parks, and he had favorite rides in each park. He loved to ride Astro Orbiter at Magic Kingdom much to my dismay!

We didn’t think Jack-Jack had any special abilities.

And then something magical happened. He started to recount years and dates that things happened. He started tell us how many seats were on rides and in shows. He started to recount so many Disney-things that we realized he has a vast arsenal in his brain.

Last year, in December of 2019, we were supposed to go to Disney, but finances were cut. We were hoping to have a trip in 2020, but Covid, and then my husband lost his job.

Through the generous support of a dear internet friend, we have found ourselves with accommodations at Old Key West, but we have to pay for the tickets and food at Disney.

Our internet friends have suggested a Go-Fund-Me to send Jack-Jack to Disney, but we would prefer to raise the money. We are filling this post with affiliate links for Amazon. As an Amazon Affiliate, a portion of the purchase price of any item goes to me without costing you anything additional.

Our goal is to raise $3000. With this, it will pay for tickets, food and travel expenses.

Currently, with money Jack-Jack has raised, and Disney Gift Cards we already had from our cancelled trip last year, we have $1000 towards that goal.

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Jeff, Patty, Marcus & Jack-Jack

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