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Front of Game box for Toy Story Talent Show

One of the worst things to do with your money is to buy a game that your family will never use. Oftentimes, the outside of the box looks cute, but when you begin to play, the rules are confusing or the game is just boring and doesn’t make sense. We recently received Toy Story Talent Show game as a gift, and in this review, we will give you a look a the game and if it is worth your money.

Toy Story Talent Show combines the fun of playing a game with the excitement of Andy & his toys.

Front of Game box for Toy Story Talent Show

About: Toy Story Talent Show Game Review

Toy Story Talent Show Game is by Funko Games. This review will give you information before buying the game.

Recommended Age: Ages 6+

Number of players: For 2-6 players

Cost $19.99 on Amazon

This game is made by Funko Games. It is not a traditional board game, but rather an interactive game for the whole family.

The front of the box reads: Disney – Pixar Toy Story Talent Show. The exciting game of balancing, tossing, roping, rolling fun. And the back of the box: Step Right Up! Show off your talents in a friendly competition of card play and challenges! You’ll be balancing, tossing, roping, and rolling your way to winning the most Prize Tickets!

Back of game box for Funko Toy Story Talent Show

While it is less of a talent show, it is more of a series of physical challenges, tongue twisters, mental challenges, and filled with excitement. It is a mix of carnival games, mental and active challenges, mixed in with your favorite Toy Story characters.

Contents of Toy Story Talent Show — What’s In the Box

First, the box is sturdy and colorful. This is a box that screams “Pick Me.”

Second, the contents are exciting and include:

118 playing cards

55 prize tickets

Bo Peep’s staff

Woody’s lucky coin

Bullseye’s horseshoe

Pixar Ball

Buzz’s Flying Disc

Jessie’s lasso

6 army men movers

1 Alien blindfold

1 sand timer


Toy Story talent show contents

Before we get into the talent cards, let me tell you about the props. They are sturdy, reusable, and just the perfect Toy Story colors. For example, Buzz Lightyear purple is the color used for Buzz’s Flying Disc. This miniature frisbee has the Buzz Lightyear emblem on it and is used for challenges such as using it for Target Training or placing it on top of your head and walking across the room. The only item that I was “surprised” by was Bullseye’s Horseshoe. It is larger than I expected and is made of thick foam.

How to Play Toy Story Talent Show – Game Play:

The game consists of 3 rounds. In each round, each player receives a number of cards (based on the number of active players) and has the opportunity to win prize tickets through completing challenges. The round is over when one player has used all their cards.

At the end of three rounds (end of the game), the person with the most prize tickets wins the game.

Boy playing game holding cards

About the Playing Cards:

The playing cards consist of Talent Show Cards and Show Time Cards. These numbered and colored cards are used in an “Uno-like” fashion. On your turn, you select a card from your hand with either the number or color of the top card on the discard pile.

Read below for examples of the challenges.

Is this Game too easy for adults?

Absolutely not! Because of the range of activities, there are some challenges that require skill or dexterity, and somewhere being smaller or more limber is an advantage. There were some challenges that I just would not physically do at my age such as assuming the crab position and walking across the room.

While the manufacturer’s age range is 6 and up, there are definitely challenges that are harder for young children, however, these challenges are great to help during different stages of their development.

While the enjoyment levels of a product are important for most people, having a child on the autism spectrum allows me to look at games critically and see how a game came to be used to help a child’s development.

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Is the game too hard for kids?

While there are definitely cards that will be too hard for kids, the game does try to appeal to a wide range of ages. Some of the cards can be removed if you think it will be too frustrating. While kids ages don’t always correspond with developmental ages, the beauty of a game like this is that you can separate cards out into adult and kids piles to give a fair advantage to younger children.

Using Toy Story Talent Show to Teach Your Children:

While some people are visual learners (watching others, reading, or watching videos), and others are auditory learners (listening to a lecture or talking through a problem). And there are some that kinesthetic learners which means they learn by carrying out activities or moving while learning. This game is great for all types of learners.

For the visual learner, have them read the cards. If they don’t understand the challenge, physically show them how to perform it.

For the auditory learner, read the cards out loud. Don’t use the timer. Eliminate background noises. Talk through the challenges and what it would require.

The kinesthetic learner is going to be thrilled with this game as they require a lot of movement. For the mental challenges, consider having them toss the Pixar ball while they perform some of the in-your-seat challenges.

Toy Story Talent Show Challenges:

While some challenges have you moving, there are some in your seat fun challenges too. There are physical challenges, mental challenges, and skill-based challenges. These are just a few of the activities that will have you laughing and enjoying every moment you play this game.

Physical Challenges:

Loop Jessie’s Lasso around your ankles. Start the timer and then hop across the room and back.

Tilt your head back and balance Bo Beep’s Staff on your face between your nose and upper lip. Sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” without dropping the staff. Stop when you to the word “snow.”

Toss the Pixar Ball up in the air and hit it with Bo Peep’s Staff.

Balance Bo Peep’s Staff on the back of your hand, then flip it into the air and catch it in the crook of your elbow three times in a row.

Mental Challenges:

Place one Army Man and all six props in front of you. Get a good look, then put on the Alien Blindfold. Have another player remove two of the props. Take off the blindfold and guess which two are missing.

Using only the letters in your first and last name, make at least four new words. No made-up words, partner!

Spell your first name backward.

Repeat this tongue twister five times with no mistakes: “Hamm hurriedly holds hot horseshoes.”

Add up the ages of all of the players. Don’t forget to include yourself.

Is Toy Story Talent Show worth the money?

Absolutely, our family gives this game 4 thumbs up.

This game says Ages 6 and up, but I suspect younger children can play a modified version, and older children will love it. We have played this game and our own experience has been wonderful. In fact, I would love to see expansion packs for Toy Story Talent Show with more props and more cards. Although there are plenty of cards, after playing several times, you will start to recycle cards.

This is one game our family will play over and over.

Toy Story Talent Show Game Review

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