From Stem to Stern The Boathouse Restaurant keeps the Disney Magic Alive

I have had the pleasure of dining twice at The Boathouse Restaurant located in Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort. This dining establishment overlooks Lake Buena Vista and sits tucked into a corner concealing the true beauty of the building.

The Boathouse Restaurant Overlooking the Lake

It is only when you take a walk around the massive structure that you begin to understand the true beauty inside and out. Overlooking the lake is a complex dining area and walkway, and the roomy interior has several distinct sections with a unique look to each one. This restaurant can seat 700 people at a time!

One of several beautiful inside dining areas

Part of the Massive Outdoor Patio System

Manager Kenneth keeps things afloat at The Boathouse

After talking with the Manager, Kenneth. I found out that not only do they make most of their food from scratch, but the restaurant participates in the Disney Dining Plan. They also prepare a dessert that takes 4 days to make and it serves 4 people. I will share more on that fantastic dessert later.

The first time I dined there was for dinner with my daughter. We sat outside overlooking the water. We both need to be gluten-free, and I had the most fantastic Lobster Bisque of my life. And for dinner I enjoyed gluten free fish tacos.

The Best Lobster Bisque of my life

Fish Tacos

The service was impeccable. There was not a thing wrong with our evening besides the temperature outside. My daughter mentioned that she was cold and had forgotten her sweater back at the room. The busboy went and got a blanket for her to use while we finished our dinner.

Melissa keeping warm under the comfy blanket

In February my husband and two sons returned to Walt Disney World. On our last afternoon we visited The Boathouse for lunch. I decided to explore the entire building, and even had the manager explain some of the building and memorabilia to me.

Things to keep in mind – some of the boats anchored along the water are on loan by their owners. The Boathouse partners with boat owners to dock their historic classic boats. So a boat you see today, may not be here tomorrow.

Alter Ego at The Boathouse

Part of the Massive Outdoor Patio Structure

FOOD: Again I had the Lobster Bisque. I also opted for the fish tacos. My son had the Seafood Macaroni & Cheese, my husband the burger, and Jack-Jack had a meal from the children’s menu.

DESSERTS: For dessert, the manager brought us the Baked Alaska.

Jack-Jack eyeing the Baked Alaska

Serving the Baked Alaska

You can see the expression on Jack-Jack’s face. This dessert takes 4 days to make. The Boathouse makes their own marshmallow from scratch. It is made into a dome, and then cut into 4 pieces. What you see in the photos is 1/4 of the original Baked Alaska. This section is 4 desserts on the dining plan – so bring 3 other people or come extra hungry.

Since I am gluten free I had a scrumptious chocolate brownie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. I personally would get this again without the raspberry sauce. I must be the only person who doesn’t care for raspberry.

Gluten-free rich chocolate brownie with Raspberry Sauce

We walked away stuffed!

And then the manager offered us a ride on the Amphicars. This was on my Disney World bucket list. How could we pass up that opportunity?

An Article by Jeff on the history of Amphicar and our outstanding ride around the lake is coming soon.

UPDATE: I returned a third time to dine alone. I didn’t have a reservation and never gave my name. I sat alone along the water on the outdoor patio. The hostess, the wait staff, and the chef were all attentive and made my dining experience a pleasure. I had the Lobster Bisque – still the best I have ever had. I also had a wonderful gluten-free roll, 2 shrimp cocktail, and a chopped salad. This is one food establishment I look forward to on my next visit.

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