Disney Dumbo Popcorn Souvenir Bucket Best Way to Celebrate National Popcorn Day!!!

Did you know today is #NationalPopcornDay??? We were trying to come up with a great way to celebrate this day and have some Disney fun at the same time. So on this snowy day (wish we were in the WDW Parks right now), we decided to watch some Disney Movies, make some popcorn, and pull out our Dumbo Popcorn Souvenir Bucket!!! We have only used it a couple of times since our original purchase at the Magic Kingdom some years back to keep it in great shape, but today was one of those days when it just had to come out for some popcorn action again!!!

Every now and then we would also pull it out just for decoration purposes, usually for parties. It has especially been a talking point during some of our Disney Themed parties, but again mostly just for looking at, not actually using it for popcorn as it was originally intended. I think we will need to start bringing it out more often!!!

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So, how many of you have been in any of the Disney Parks, and found the smell of fresh popcorn too hard to resist? It’s tough enough to pass up a popcorn wagon when the popcorn is sold in a normal popcorn box, but how much harder is it to walk by when it is in a fantastic looking souvenir bucket? It is nearly impossible in my opinion!!!

SO, have you purchased any souvenir cups, popcorn buckets, or other Disney related collectibles? If so, leave your Comments below. We’d love to hear about any collections you might have!!!

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