WDWpov Turns 4 Years Old Today!!!

4 Years Ago Today in Walt Disney World Point Of View History

It is still hard to believe, but 4 years have passed since the inception of WDWpov!!! February 19, 2016 is the day that six simple letters in the alphabet popped into my head. An acronym for the phrase Walt Disney World Point Of View. Sounds simple, but it was definitely not the case coming up with this name.

So how did this all come about, and why? Well, I think many of you already know our family’s love for Disney, how it started with my wife and I going to Walt Disney World on our Honeymoon many, many years ago, and our continued trips there over the years. And when we thought we couldn’t find more reasons to love Disney, along came our last child, Jack-Jack. He gave us another POV about Disney entirely.

You see, Jack-Jack is autistic, and it seemed like every time we took him to Walt Disney World, something magical would happen. Disney was his happy place, a safe place, a place for him to thrive. And it seemed like every trip would provide him a means for a new breakthrough, learning experience, or take him to another level. His speech would suddenly improve, fears dissolve, certain tics disappear, and his capacity to retain things improve.

So when I say our family LOVES all things Disney, we REALLY mean it!!!

Now fast forward to that eventful morning of February 19, 2016. My wife Patty was attending a social media conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The previous days we, along with our two youngest sons, Marcus (who co-hosts our WDWpov Live Stream Show Monday nights at 8pm) and Jack-Jack (who you just heard a bit about) made the long drive across the country from our home in NE Ohio. To say we were tired is probably an understatement!

For weeks and months prior to this, we had pondered and tinkered with the idea of creating a Social Media blog site that was Disney related and based on our experiences there. But we just couldn’t come up with a name that fit what we wanted, or if we did it was already taken in one form or another. So that morning, in a hotel room in Salt Lake as I was still groggy in bed and my wife was getting ready to head to the conference area, LIGHTNING STRUCK!!!

Walt Disney World Point Of View popped into my head. And then WDWPOV, those six simple letters followed right behind. An acronym so short and so simple and easy to remember and to type. It described what we were trying to talk about. Our magical place, and our POV about it. Plus once up and running, followers of the site could give their POV about all things Disney too. I told Patty about this name and it seemed like it might work. But would it be available?

So the next steps were excruciating. Jump onto the Whois site to see if WDWpov.com was available. IT WAS!!! Then start checking Facebook. Still available. How about Twitter. No one had grabbed it yet there either! Instagram? Still no problem, it was available there too. How about YouTube? One of the things we wanted to do is post videos of Disney rides and attractions so people could watch them before visiting the park. Especially for those people with kids that have sensory issues. It was available on YouTube!!! So while Patty went to her conference, I got busy reserving and creating what I could using the WDWpov name.

And the rest as they say is history. From that point on we have been posting our WDWpov on our Facebook Group and Page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Website.

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