What’s the Deal with those Cast Members with Blue Name Tags?

The Disney name tag – White with blue lettering. We all know the Cast member name tag design. It lists their name and either the town they came from or the college they are attending (if they are in the Disney College Program). But sometimes you come across a different tag. The “different tags” are blue with white lettering. They look special because they are.

The Blue Cast Member name tags are rare. They are given to Cast members who have been nominated by their co-workers and honored because of who they are. These special Cast members embody the very essence of Cast members. They go above and beyond. They are legacy Cast Members. The Blue Legacy Award is indeed a special award and worn proudly by these Cast Members. This special award is a lifetime honor. Cast Members wear their blue name tags as long as they remain with Disney.

When you see a Cast Member wearing a blue name tag congratulate them. They have worked hard to achieve this status, and it is a special honor. In fact, most Cast Members that I have approached are thrilled to have a “non-cast member” congratulate them.

These Cast Members are also humble and many times give credit to “the team” they work with. They recognize that working for the Mouse is a special job. Many times I am left feeling that they are blessed to be able to serve the public in their capacity.

Here are just a couple of Legacy Cast Members that I have had the privilege of encountering along my journey through Walt Disney World Resort:

Brett in Magic Kingdom

Joshua in Magic Kingdom

Jeff and his “Uncle Phil” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – 50’s Prime Time Cafe

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